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The World's Tallest Teepee, Medicine Hat, AB

Proven Experience

Based out of Medicine Hat, AB  Road Dog Services is  family owned and operated.  Jaret has 30+ years experience working in all aspects of the asphalt industry from prepping to finishing.  Heather has 15+ years experience in the road construction and asphalt industry.  That's over 40+ years of experience and knowledge working for you.  We are a new business...but not new to the business. 


Specializing in Rural Locations

Unlike many other business owners, we did not quit our day job.  What that means is that we are very active in paving all over Alberta. Which allows us the opportunity to offer our services to rural communities without having inflated "outside city limit" prices.  Our clients receive top of the line craftsmanship with quality products. Although we may not live in your community, you can rest assured that we are your neighbor and as close as a phone call away. 


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"Don't repave it ... Save it"


Road Dog Services

Road Dog Services - Medicine Hat, AB

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